Fair Launch

Base Ethereum Layer 2

Uniswap V2 Circulating Supply: 1,000,000,000

70% Liquidity

15% Marketing/OPEX

  • Marketing: Press Releases, Key People of Influence, Sponsorships, Brand Partnerships, Awareness/Authority Campaigns

  • OPEX: Sales, Account Management, Supply Chain Management, Client Procurement, Land Development, Operations

10% Exchanges/Market Making

5% Treasury


1% Scaling Budget : Company Expenses, Employees, Client Procurement, Sales, Account Management, Land Development, Industrial Energy Upgrades, Sovereign Data Center OPEX

2% Marketing : Raising Global Awareness, Attracting New Investors, Strategic Partnerships, Sponsorships, Brand Partnerships + Collaborations

2% GPU Expansion: Acquiring New GPUs For Company Balance Sheet (Increasing AUM, Deploying New Servers for Clients to Rent, Increasing Revenues, Increasing Token Buybacks/Burns)

Token Holders Upside:

20% Of ALL Net Profits Generated On GPU Lending Will Be Added To Treasury, Bought Back And Burnt Creating A Deflationary Token.

Disclosure/Disclaimer; the above figures are subject to change without notice based on business needs at various points in time throughout the life cycle of the business.

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