AI GPU Roadmap

Critical Path and Executable Plan; Phase 1 POC COMPLETE; Entering Scaling Phase 2

Phase 1: POC and 1st Profit [Phase Complete]

✅ Supply Chain by Ordering GPUs

✅ 6 to 10 Week Lead Time

✅ Implement Proprietary Code to Increase Performance by 60% per GPU

✅ Deploy First Server

✅ Rent GPU Server to First Client

✅ Prove Alpha, Metrics, and Business Model

✅ Generate First Profit

✅ Achieve 6 Figure Revenue Target

Phase 2: Scaling GPU Cloud

Activate Phase 2 Marketing Plan

Base Chain Launch

5000+ Holders + 50M Market Cap

7 Figures In GPU's Acquired

First Monthly Token Buyback + Burn From GPU Revenues

Coinmarketcap + Coingecko Listing

Centralized Exchange Listings

Launch Community Test Portal

$AIGPU Staking Protocols

Phase 3: Launch Sovereign Data Center

Activate Phase 3 Marketing Plan

10,000 Holders + 100M Market Cap

Recurring Monthly Token Buyback + Burn From GPU Revenues

Fractionalized NFT RWA Launch For GPU Rev Share Model

Community Partnerships

7 Figures Profit Generated For Holders From GPU Revenues

Launch Sovereign Global Data Center

Phase 4: Scale Sovereign Data Center

Activate Phase 4 Marketing Plan

20,000 Holders + 500M+ Market Cap

More Centralized Exchanges

Second NFT RWA Fractionalized Ownership GPU Launch

Centralized News Coverage

Corporate Partnerships

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