Our VISION and UTILITY is to grant upside access for retail investors to participate and profit off the rising AI compute industry (200B+).

During the 1800's we had the industrial revolution which changed the world forever, but now there is a new revolution dawning upon us.. The technological revolution with AI.

We can either adapt to these ever fast changing circumstances and build companies/products/services to thrive and grow, or "die".

The revolution of decentralized finance is to allow normal everyday people to get access to institutional centralized type opportunities similar to ours. Most companies quickly monopolize opportunities like this leaving crumbs for retail to catch upside, $AIGPU changes that.

Generative AI companies need a cloud (digital compute real estate) in order for their AI products and services to function. AI GPU offers a cutting edge service to Generative AI companies reducing costs drastically and enhancing GPU's with our proprietary tech solutions.

The two largest GPU manufacturers are Nvidia and AMD. These two companies have created a fair market opportunity to all buyers of GPUs, because the demand is rapidly increasing and outgrowing the supply chain limitations.

Holders of $AIGPU will receive the upside profit share of the rising GPU need with AI companies on the rise, anticipated to be a 1.8T industry by 2030.

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