A Note from Our Founders

Early Adopters Tokenizing the AI Economy

"We've been planning this for years, but felt people would question our claims of alpha in the market. So, we took it upon ourselves to prove our theory by testing every part of the process, onboarding our first client, and generating our first profit. We provide a white glove service, so we began with a series of interviews with our client to define their specific requirements. Then we ordered the proper GPUs to prove our supply chain and lead times; which took about 6 weeks to take delivery. We next implemented our proprietary code/tech to optimize the performance of each GPU and the server. Our client migrated to our cloud and went from paying $300K per year to just $70K per year on our cloud. At the time, they were only using 22% of the available resources and have recently grown to using about 40%. So, our client still has room to grow 150% while spending about 25% of the cash they were previously spending for cloud services. This is vital for growing generative AI companies, because GPU cloud is the largest external line item in their budgets. So, this is our corner… bringing true alpha to the industry where it's needed most to support the growth of generative AI companies at scale."

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